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Terminal 3 was the world’s largest terminal when it was completed in 2008 . Terminal 3 represents the ambition of aviation in Dubai while offering an unparalleled passenger experience. As the exclusive hub of Emirates Airlines, it is also the first ever, fully functional, purpose-built facility for A380s. With DAEP as a constant development partner, Terminal 3 continues to grow and set global travel standards today.

About This Project

Building the world’s largest terminal and defining the future of aviation

As part of the Phase Two expansion of Dubai International (DXB), DAEP conceptualised, planned and executed the Terminal 3 project. On its opening, Terminal 3 was the largest structure in the world by floor space. Through the combined effort of cross-functional DAEP consultants, engineers and master planners, Terminal 3 brought passengers plenty of room and seamless links to aircraft. The terminal was built as a multi-level underground structure with over 1,713,000 square metres of floor space combined with concourse B, a capacity of 43 million passengers and 22 aerobridges tailored to A380 aircraft. The result was a seamless flow of passengers from the land-side to the air-side and vice versa.

The interiors were also designed to enhance traveller experience, with quality glass, subtle chrome and bright steel letting in plenty of natural light and evoking a sense of tranquillity. Over 10,700 sq.m of retail space and lounges with unmatchable facilities were built for a luxurious and comfortable setting for passengers to shop and relax before boarding a flight.

Over the years, DAEP continued to upgrade Terminal 3 to maintain high travel standards for an increasing number of passengers. The latest series of developments began in 2016, to stay ahead of future projections of 118 million annual passengers. Among the projects were the installation of smart airport solutions, facility upgrades and land-side access improvements. DAEP continues to be a reliable partner for infrastructure enhancements at Terminal 3, as DXB prepares for a growing number of passengers from decade to decade.

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Square-metre area covered by Terminal 3
17,000 people that can travel through Terminal 3 at any given time

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Length of conveyer belts (Total 175 Kilometres at DXB)

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