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Terms & Conditions to Use DAEP website and Services

Entry and usage of Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) website and all provided electronic services by DAEP is subject to the following terms and conditions: in addition to the Emirate of Dubai and UAE laws, entry means that you agree to abide by these terms and conditions, regardless whether you are a registered user or a visitor. Entry, browsing and using this website means that you accepted, without preconditions and restrictions, the terms and conditions mentioned in this document.


DAEP: Dubai Aviation Engineering Project (the organization)
Web site: or call “site” or “website”
Laws and Regulation: all the Laws and Regulation of Dubai Emirate , and the UAE


You agree to enter and use the website for legitimate matters only; you are completely responsible for knowing and adhering to each and every clause, regulation, rules, and terms related to using the website. By entering the website, you agree to refrain from:

  1. Using the website to commit a crime or to encourage others to be involved in any activity that constitute to criminal offense or is of civic liability.
  2. Using the website to impersonate personnel or other parties
  3. Attempting to conduct any test or survey for finding weakness of any system or network of DAEP
  4. Using the website to upload any material that contains viruses, Trojans or any computer code, files or programs that work on altering or damaging or hindering the running of the website or any system or program that belong to any person who enters the website.
  5. Downloading, entering, sending or any form of transmission of material that you are not entitled to transmit under any law or contractual agreement.
  6. Altering, damaging or removing any content on the website
  7. Disrupting the normal flow of communication in any form
  8. Submitting any material that violates the intellectual right of others or collecting or storing any personal information that belong to others.


Some parts of the website are only accessible to registered users. This services may ask the user who would like to register through electronic services to entering his personal information. You agree that any information represented to us is complete and accurate and that you will not register and try to enter the website using another user’s name. without a notice, DAEP has the full right to reject or not will not issue a user name that it deems inappropriate.

Termination of Usage

DAEP has the right, according to what it deems appropriate, to terminate or suspend your usage of this website or DAEP services without prior notice for any reason whatsoever including the violation of the terms and conditions or any behaviour DAEP considers unlawful or harmful to others. In the case of termination, you will not be allowed to access the website or the service.

Content of the DAEP Web site and Limitation of Liability

DAEP undertakes to maintain its Web site in the most up-to-date version at all times and to provide you with a high-quality, comprehensive overview of our activities and offers. Despite this, DAEP does not guarantee in any way the topicality, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. DAEP and its authors are not liable for any claims for direct, indirect or consequential damages of a tangible or intangible nature arising from the use or non-use of the information provided.

In no event will DAEP or its employees be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, punitive, exemplary, or consequential damages, arising out of your use of or inability to use the website.


DAEP name and logo are trademarks of Dubai Government and may not be used without its prior written consent. All content on the DAEP website, including without limitation, logos, text, images, graphics, sound recordings and video works, is protected by copyright and/or design right owned by DAEP or by its affiliates unless identified as belonging to third parties. No license is granted to copy, reproduce, use or otherwise deal in DAEP website content, including any copyright or design right work of DAEP. The DAEP website may not be linked to or reproduced on third party websites without the prior written consent of DAEP.

References and links

Clicking on direct or indirect links of the DAEP Web site to other Internet sites which were not created by DAEP may result in your leaving the DAEP Web site. We have not reviewed the content of these linked Web sites with regard to their legality, and thus assumes no liability whatsoever for the content or products of these Web sites.


DAEP has the right to amend the terms and conditions where a notification will be issued on this page; the amendment will be enforced as soon as it is issued if not otherwise mentioned. Repeated usage of the website after the issuing of these amendments means you agree to the amendments, therefore it is your responsibility to visit this page constantly to review the current terms and conditions.

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects is responsible for the design, master-planning, infrastructure development and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector.
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