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DAEP plans are made to constantly adapt and meet the needs of travellers across the globe. We develop entire airport ecosystems, including ground links and road transport, to streamline local and international travel. Using a holistic approach to planning, we stay on the path of continual growth in aviation.


Our structures are made to carry well into the future, with sustainable design that can respond to the growing needs of air travel. As a testament to Dubai’s vision and successes in aviation, our architecture echoes a modern and flexible design, made to efficiently serve future passengers and aviation processes for years to come.

Smart Airport Solutions

DAEP recognises the new avenues for growth that come with digital technology and artificial intelligence. We implement smart technologies for efficient airport operation as well as a seamless traveller experience. Today, our projects include people movement solutions and smart tracking systems like sky trains, biometric systems for iris and palm scans and boarding RFID cards for minimal paper processing. These initiatives are also part of our effort to implement eco-friendly technologies throughout our operations.


DAEP employs state-of-the-art technology, innovative design and sustainable solutions to bring the best travel experience for people across the globe. In the 1990s, our engineering initiatives accelerated the growth of Dubai’s aviation industry. Today, we continue to employ the latest technology and modern infrastructure with the vision of becoming the world’s aviation capital.

Project Management

Each aviation project is distinctive, requiring a specific solution for efficient management from inception to handover. DAEP customises management processes for each project, so airport operations face minimal interruption around-the-clock. Our goal is for our projects to be delivered on time and have a transformative impact on aviation in Dubai and the economy as a whole, ensuring alignment of milestones with the strategic master programmes.

Construction and Operational Readiness

In addition to ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations and managing project risks, DAEP manages the construction progress and operational readiness programmes, targeting seamless delivery of projects that meet stakeholder expectations.

Commercial Management

DAEP manages procurement processes and maximises cost effectiveness by ensuring value for money in all designed facilities and systems. We also manage post-contract processes for all programmes and portfolios to ensure DAEP’s capital financial resources are efficiently utilised.

Stakeholder Management

DAEP works seamlessly together with its stakeholders to bridge today’s capacity needs with tomorrow’s possibilities. Through the constant progress of Dubai's aviation projects, we will strengthen relationships with its stakeholders for a mutually beneficial partnership. As DAEP chases the vision to make Dubai the aviation capital of the world, every stakeholder becomes a crucial team member.

Projects Reliability Assurance

DAEP provides Project Reliability Assurance (PRA), which includes identifying and addressing the critical issues required to provide assurance and sustainability to existing assets which carry the highest risk of potential impact to airport operations. PRA preventative measures provides an understanding of the longevity of those assets and the preservation of their life span through regular scheduled cycles of asset surveys and assessments as well as the associated required defect rectification.

Consultants Management

Our consultants are equipped to solve the complex issues that come with airport operations. DAEP is committed to resolving all logistical and technical challenges, including air-traffic control, baggage handling, safety and security and regulation compliance. Through strategic planning and organisational development, we identify areas for continuous growth and always accomplish them through best management of consultant firms.

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects is responsible for the design, master-planning, infrastructure development and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector.
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