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What is pre-qualification?

DAEP evaluates the capabilities and credentials of every contractor, consultant or supplier interested in working on our projects. This is part of the pre-qualification process, which ensures that all vendors working with DAEP execute projects at a high quality standard. If you are pre-qualified, or have already submitted a pre-qualification request, please visit the Vendor Portal.

What does it mean to pre-qualify?

Contractors, consultants and suppliers become "pre-qualified" when their eligibility  is confirmed by DAEP. Pre-qualified vendors may be selected to tender for future work at Al Maktoum International (AMIA) and Dubai International (DXB).

How do I pre-qualify?

DAEP’s Prequalification process consists of two main parts:

1. Apply for a Prequalification request

2. Based on DAEP’s approval, vendor will be requested to proceed with the Prequalification Request process.

Follow this step-by-step guide to get pre-qualified.

Click on Apply for Prequalification Request, this will take you to a prequalification form where you are required to submit high-level information of your company.
DAEP will review your request to confirm your eligibility to prequalify. You can follow the status of your request through Pre-Qualification Status page.
If you are eligible to prequalify, you will receive a username, password and link to the prequalification portal. Click on the emailed link or Apply for Pre-qualification.
Complete the application form, providing all required information and necessary documentation. Then submit.
DAEP will evaluate your application based on commercial track record and/or technical expertise, depending on the work category that is applied for.
After DAEP's evaluation, you will receive a feedback letter and details on the tender process.
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