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Cargo Mega Terminal

The Cargo Mega Terminal is today one of the region’s biggest cargo hubs with a capacity of 3.3 million tonnes. Freight at Dubai International (DXB) began at the earlier cargo centre, which was comparatively a smaller facility. With the additions of a dedicated cargo terminal for Emirates Skycargo and additional facilities for Dnata, Fedex and DHL, the airport is close to achieving ultimate freight handling capacity.

DXB Construction Stages


The earliest cargo hub at DXB was the Cargo Centre on the southwest corner, built along with ancillary facilities. It put DXB on the map as a hub for airfreight.



As freight movement continued to rise at DXB, more room was needed for added freight. DAEP constructed a Cargo Terminal with 0.55 million tonne capacity.

2016 and beyond


DAEP’s Cargo Mega Terminal expansion projects increased tonnage at DXB by five times. These included a dedicated Emirates Skycargo warehouse and ancillary facilities.

About This Project

Maximising and optimising an international cargo hub

As Dubai International (DXB) set eyes on become a larger hub for international freight, DAEP undertook major expansion work of the cargo facilities to increase capacity from 0.55 million tonnes to 3.3 million tonnes. DAEP designed the Cargo Mega Terminal with four modular facilities, allowing for a phased handover to maximise the uptime for freight movement.

Enabling efficient cargo handling, DAEP undertook the modernisation of all existing and new facilities. Among the freight movement advancements were automatic cargo storage and retrieval systems and T-system cargo handling, an automated PCHS or Unit Load Device (ULD) to load multiple freight units in aircraft, import/export truck dock systems and a bridge system for operations. In the 270-metre-long and 145-metre-wide facility, DAEP also added workspaces for authorities and personnel to move easily without disrupting cargo operations. Two multi-storey car parks were constructed with a connecting bridge to the facility, while workstation systems inside the integrated office building allowed for streamlined coordination and execution of all freight movement.

In calculating the optimal capacity for each part of the Cargo Mega Terminal, DAEP consultants and engineers implemented different tonnage across facilities. First, a tonnage of 0.3 million was allocated to a storage facility some distance from the Cargo Mega Terminal. Meanwhile, tonnage at the Cargo Terminal office was 0.5 million, Emirates Skycargo was 1.2 million and Halls A and B had a combined 0.6 million. Cargo services FCL was allocated 0.1 million tonnes while Fedex and DHL also had 0.1 million tonnes. With the DAEP completing these projects under the Phase Two Cargo Mega Terminal expansion, the freight capacity at DXB went up to 3.3 million tonnes.

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Capacity in tonnes after expansion
Capacity of the terminal more than quadrupled from 0.55 tonnes

Key Figures

Facility expansion

0 sq.m.

Additional space added in the last phase of development



Number of multilevel carparks for personnel


0 times

Increase in tonnage capacity of the terminal

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