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Concourse A

Concourse A opened on January 2, 2013, to efficiently serve passengers travelling through Terminal 3, the hub of Emirates Airlines. The first and only operational, purpose-built facility for A380s, the concourse has 20 Code F contact gates and seamlessly connects with Concourses B and C via an Automated People Mover (APM).

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Start of construction

Concourse A was designed for the exclusive use of Emirates Airlines and partner Qantas. With an expansive Airbus fleet, extensive groundwork was laid for the world’s first purpose-built facility for A380s.



Concourse A officially opened with an Emirates flight to London Heathrow Airport in 2013. Twenty Code F contact gates and boarding bridges were added for a capacity of 15 million passengers annually.

2014 and beyond


Smart airport systems are upgraded, facilitating a smoother passenger flow and minimal wait times. DAEP continues with development projects to maintain an unparalleled travel experience at the concourse.

About This Project

Tailoring a concourse for A380 aircraft

DAEP had two major considerations in the building of Concourse A. One, to meet all specifications, particularly for A380 aircraft, and two, to have minimal disruption on the linked Terminal 3 operations.

To accommodate Emirates’ fleet requirements, 20 contact gates were built, of which 18 were dedicated A380 aircraft stands. Additionally, thirteen remote stands were created towards the north side of Concourse A. To further enable flow of operations in Terminal 3, DAEP built Concourse A as a fully-airside integrated facility while connecting it to the two major public levels in Concourse B and the terminal. The design of concourse was made to match the shell-like structure of Concourse B, further enabling a seamless connection between the two concourses. Eleven floors were built in total, with a 528,000 sq.m total built-up area and a 645-meter-long and 90-meter-wide footprint.

DAEP implemented smart airport solutions in and around the concourse, including an extensive underground road network for Ground Support vehicular movement, an underground APM for efficient passenger traffic, sky trains for streamlined vertical transportation into the central atrium and a dynamic Baggage Handling System. Multiple levels of the concourse were allocated for a pleasurable traveller experience, including four and five-star hotels, first and business class lounges, a health club and a business centre.

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