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Business Automation and Digitalisation

Bringing efficiency and productivity across functions

DAEP uses state-of-the-art technology and systems to facilitate consistent, efficient, reliable, innovative and scalable operations. This allows us to keep all departments connected with the latest information, while ensuring the highest degree of data security. These tools are utilised to execute, monitor, control and optimise all business processes, while creating an efficient and reliable workspace.

Our systems support knowledge and experience sharing through creating a consistent source of data across the organisation. Integrated across business applications, we have a well-defined information on organisational objectives and requirements, complying with the latest international Building Information Modelling (BIM) standards.

We have built a genuine environment and process to drive change and create an ecosystem that leverages digital competencies. This enables innovation, enhancement and optimisation of workflows, improving operational efficiency and organisational performance.

Securing Data

DAEP has an advanced Common Data Environment set-up, which is a collaborative platform that facilitates the management of digital information and project documents in a secure and structured manner. This ensures absolute data integrity is maintained among all project stakeholders. This approach is implemented through the entire lifecycle of projects, from conception and execution to operation and maintenance.

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects is responsible for the design, master-planning, infrastructure development and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector.
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