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DAEP paves the way for massive airfield improvements at DXB

Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) is paving the way for further growth of the world’s busiest passenger hub, Dubai International (DXB), which witnessed major airfield improvements in 2014. As part of the 2020 Strategic Plan, the North Runway had been rehabilitated in a record 50 days. Utilising this experience, DAEP will carry out a similar upgrade of the South Runway, which will include resurfacing, airfield ground lighting, signage and associated airfield improvements during a 45 day closure period scheduled between April 16 and May 30, 2019.

During the closure period an estimated quantity of 100,000 tonnes of asphalt, 120,000 tonnes of wet mix will be laid and approximately 6,000 airfield lights will be replaced. The main challenge of the project is to ensure that DXB remains fully operational. Stakeholders will need to coordinate seamlessly for minimal disruption of flight operations.

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Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects is responsible for the design, master-planning, infrastructure development and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector.
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