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Health, Safety and Welfare

Going beyond compliance for a thriving workplace

DAEP implements a health and safety management system that ensures the wellbeing of all our workers and communities. We comply with all national guidelines for health and safety, while benchmarking ourselves against the highest international standards. We are proud of the excellent safety culture we have established across all DAEP projects. Recognising that our workforce is our greatest asset, DAEP fosters a thriving environment for all our workers. In addition to standard certifications and complying with regulations, we follow strict internal safety codes for a healthier and safer workplace. Our initiatives have proven to foster an environment for employees to train, collaborate and thrive professionally.

Training for excellence

Through our Safety, Security and Environment (SSE) unit, DAEP ensures that every worker undergoes periodic training for best practices in Health and Safety. After an initial induction training, all employees are provided with the resources required to undertake their duties safely.

Collaborating for synergy

We believe that all accidents and injury are preventable, especially when workers collaborate with each other. By promoting open channels for internal communication and a strong sense of team spirit, our employees are motivated to constantly look out for each other’s safety.

Worker Welfare

Worker welfare and wellbeing goes beyond the traditional approach to health and safety in the workplace. At DAEP, we genuinely believe that the wellbeing of all our workers begins at the very first point of recruitment till the final stages of retrenchment when projects are finally completed. We only appoint construction contractors who are committed to, and have a proven record of, managing worker welfare properly.

Our health and safety standards have been recognised by several international and regional bodies. Most recently, we received a Gold award from the renowned RoSPA Health and Safety Awards, a Five Star rating from the British Safety Council in 2019 for the third year in a row in addition to a Sword of Honour.

We also received recognition as Construction Week’s “Commended Health and Safety Initiative” for the DAEP Worker Engagement Program. Additionally, our safety management systems have receive an ISO 45001 certification. See our Awards page for more details.

Number of hours worked without lost time injury
5 star rating from the British Safety Council
100% of our workers train to look out for each other’s safety
Beyond Zero: DAEP aims for zero injury, with a focus on creating a healthy working environment
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