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The West Terminal will be a seven-level, 800,000 sq.m. facility with an annual capacity of 45 million passengers. It will boast state-of-the-art facilities for minimal check in and processing times, using the most advanced technology implemented in the global aviation sector. The West Terminal will be the second of three terminals at Al Maktoum International (DWC), linking to the airside with a 14-station Automated People Mover (APM).

AMI Construction Stages

Phase 1

The first phase of AMI will start with the construction of theWest Terminal Building, connected to the city through a new express metro line, and the Concourse 1 with 100 contact gates.

The 4-stations underground APM will be built to enable the passenger’s fast connection.

The airfield will see the construction of Runway 2 and 3 along with the Ground Service Equipment road network, and an undergroundBaggage Handling Systemfor quick baggage transfer.

Energy centres, Fire safety and other Support Facilitiesfor Duty free and catering, maintenance and storage will be constructed at the North side of the airport to provide the best operational and commercial support services.

Phase 1 will provide a capacity of 130 M annual passengers.

Phase 2

In the next decade, the second phase of AMI will further enhance the level of service with the construction of theConcourse 2, parallel and identical to Concourse 1, enabling the seamless flow of150 M annual passengers across 200 contact gates.

3 new APM stations will be built to serve Concourse 2, as well the expansion of the ground service equipment roads network and the automated Baggage Handling System

Support Facilities will be further expanded to match the new airport capacity.

Ultimate Phase

The final development phase will start with the construction of Concourse 3 and 4, and the East Terminal, enabling ground transportation access from the East side of the city.

This will include a connection to the Etihad Rail and the new metro line. Runway 4 and 5 will complete the airfield enabling 4 aircraft parallel approaches. The APM will be expanded to become a 14-station system connecting all airside buildings in a giant loop.

In its ultimate configuration, AMI will be able to serve annually 260 M passengers though 400 contact gates and process 15 M tons of cargo.

Bird's eye visualisation of the West Terminal entrance at DWC
Overhead view of the future West Terminal building; visualisation
About This Project

Building a terminal fit for the future base of global aviation

The West Terminal will be an iconic structure at Al Maktoum International (DWC), featuring the most advanced solutions to provide easy accessibility and an unrivalled passenger experience. DAEP has master-planned the terminal so that a passenger will enjoy the journey to the West Terminal, once inside, as well as once leaving.


The terminal is thoughtfully connected to all ground transportation links for origin as well as destination passengers. The terminal will be accessible by segregated roads for private vehicles, taxis and busses, eliminating the risk of congestion. Meanwhile, the metro link and express station will bring passengers directly inside the terminal building. With Smart Airport Solutions, passengers will be able to travel light, having checked in previously at the hotel, at city desks, or even from home. Passengers with cars may park at one of the 9,000 spots at the short-term car park, or in the long-term car park accessible by shuttle. An innovative circular curb side will naturally lead people to the entrance of the West Terminal, as vehicles are guided by intelligent traffic management systems. This will prevent congestion as well as optimise passengers' walking distance.

Visualisation of the circular curbside at the West Terminal, highlighted


As passengers approach the West Terminal, curb side bots will collect baggage from checked-in passengers and inject the luggage directly into an underground, state-of-the-art Baggage Handling System. Passengers can enter freely into the naturally lit main hall, which will offer all modes of check-in for the passengers, whether they come with their luggage, or if they choose to check in from home or one of the numerous city check-in desks. Large halls are dedicated for economy, business and first-class passengers, with fast check in and border crossing facilities using advanced biometric technology. Intuitive wayfinding will provide guidance to the passengers in a seamless stream with innovative immigration and security gateways, optimising the number of touch points, reducing stress and processing times.

From Phase-IA, when it will be first constructed, to Phase-I, when it expands with added support facilities, the West Terminal building will leave passengers with an unforgettable travel experience. Featuring the most advanced airport solutions, travellers will have an effortless trip, whether they are departing from Dubai or arriving.

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