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Runway 1 is the first of five parallel runways at Al Maktoum International (DWC), which altogether will be able to handle 100 flights at any given time. The success of the runway was a crucial event for DWC airport, as the first piece of infrastructure that was built, tested and then utilised.

AMI Construction Stages
2006 - 2013


Runway 1 was completed in 2007. Testing then began for several months to meet CAT III requirements. Air cargo operations then began in 2010 followed by passenger flights in 2013.



For a 130 million annual passenger capacity, projects including Runways 2 and 3, the West Terminal, car parks, Concourses 1 and 2 and related North support facilities will be completed.

The Ultimate Phase


For an ultimate capacity of 260 million annual passengers, projects including Runways 4 and 5, the East Terminal, car parks, Concourse 3 and 4 and the related South Support Facilities will be completed.

About This Project

Laying the first of five runways at the world’s future aviation hub

Runway 1 was one of the first infrastructure projects at DWC. Like the four other future runways at the airport, Runway 1 is a 4.5-kilometre stretch that is equipped with the latest aircraft guiding systems.

In its final configuration, the airport will include five parallel runways, four of them spaced by more than 1500 metres, to form a system allowing up to four simultaneous aircraft approaches.

Providing ample space between the runways and a large airfield will enable rapid exits, double taxiways and wide roads for ground service equipment for safety and efficiency.

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