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Central Utility Complexes

The Central Utility Complexes (CUCs) in Dubai South will meet the cooling and refrigeration requirements for all developments within the hub, including Al Maktoum International (DWC). Additionally, the CUCs will serve the logistics, residential, commercial, golf, humanitarian and exhibition districts.

AMI Construction Stages

First construction

As Dubai South projects begin to take shape, the foundation of the Central Utility Complexes is laid for continuously smooth operations.


First renovation

The CUCs are equipped to begin operation for the initial airport and district operations, providing a cooling capacity of 299,000 tonnes.

Final Stage

Second renovation

To ultimately power the whole of the Dubai South aerotropolis, the CUCs will be developed in increments to stay ahead of demand.

About This Project

Constructing cooling centres for a mega hub

DAEP was tasked with providing the cooling infrastructure for all facilities within the 145 area of Dubai South. A team of appointed architects and engineers devised a plan to install a series of Central Utility Complexes (CUCs) and district cooling plants (DCP) to meet all cooling and refrigeration requirements at DWC.

A typical district cooling plant will have water-cooled chillers, rooftop-mounted cooling towers, district cooling chilled water pumps and all the associated ancillary structure including piping and electrical substations. DAEP executed the first phase of the project with the installation of two CUCs and six DCPs with a total cooling capacity of 299,000 tonnes.

To meet projected capacity, DAEP will ultimately be providing infrastructure for 40 CUCs and 40 DCPs. Together, these will provide a capability of cooling a 1.74 million tons, covering all major districts of Dubai South as well as DWC.

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Cooling capacity in tonnes for all districts at Dubai South
The CUCs will host a network of 40 district cooling and 40 central utility systems

Key Figures



Central Utility Complexes

Meeting capacity


District Cooling Plants


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Number of districts that the CUCs will ultimately serve

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