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The Cargo Terminal at Al Maktoum International (DWC) is a crucial part of the Logistics District, holding cargo in cold and specialised storage facilities during movement from the airport to the road or seaport. The two-zone facility has state-of-the-art infrastructure for all kinds of perishable and non-perishable goods, cargo handling services as well as comprehensive workers’ facilities. With the two zones combined, the built-up area of the Cargo Terminal is 41,129 sq.m.

AMI Construction Stages

First construction

Construction of the Cargo Terminal began after the construction of the first control tower and runway, as air freight operations are planned ahead of passenger flights.


First Renovation

By 2018, the fully constructed Cargo Terminal hosts multiple freight companies. The project facilitates an average annual cargo growth of 15% for DWC, year on year.

Final Stage

Second Renovation

By reaching the final stage, DWC will be hosting a thriving Logistics District and the world’s cargo companies. DAEP anticipates further expansion for even larger freight volumes.

About This Project

Storage for the world’s largest cargo terminal

DAEP began planning this terminal considering all types of cargo – perishable and non-perishable - to meet all logistics needs at DWC. A flexible floor plan was designed, allowing for customisable configurations and cold and specialised storage facilities. Personnel facilities were also designed while accommodating maximum space for freight.

The building is composed of two main zones, with cargo-handling operations on the ground floor for movement and storage of all types of freight. The built-up area of this first zone is 34,056 sq.m. The second zone is the mezzanine floor, which hosts modular office spaces, restrooms, lockers, a canteen, and a prayer room. This floor also has additional storage with state-of-the-art cold storage solutions as well as an electromechanical service space. The built-up area of the mezzanine floor is 7,073 sq.m.

RSA Logistics was the first company start using the cargo facility, particularly for the specialised storage of chemicals. which facilitates access to over 2,000 agents across USA, UK, Europe, India, the Far East, Asia, Pakistan, Russia and Southern America. The Cargo Terminal continues to expand with increased interest from businesses looking to capture seamless, cost-effective movement of freight from storage to shipping.

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Built-up sq. m area of the Cargo Terminal
Personnel at the Cargo Terminal have several on-site facilities

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