Horse Quarantine

The existing Horse Quarantine facility needs to be demolished to allow for the construction of the GSEM North facility. Hence, a new Horse Quarantine facility is proposed at the north side of Dubai International Airport, adjacent to the Etisalat Building near Terminal 2.

  • Compartments for horses
  • Storage and rest areas
  • Horse-walking track, loading docks, shower enclosures

The main elements of this facility are a building with compartments for horses, storage and rest areas; an external horse-walking track and a track connecting the building with the walking track; an external horse-loading dock; an external horse shower/wash enclosure with necessary water supply and drainage; and an external facility that is to be used as a store.

The Horse Quarantine main building will provide spaces for twelve horse compartments (4.1 meters by 4.5 meters) as well as two storage areas, an office for power and data provision, a toilet, a break room with pantry, and a mechanical space.