Fire Station and Airside Operations Facility

The Fire Station is currently adjacent to the new Concourse D. In order to accommodate a sufficient number of contact gates at the concourse, this facility needs to be demolished, and hence a new facility is proposed next to Charlie Apron.

The proposed building would have two floors. The ground floor will be occupied by the Fire Station and the upper floor by the Airside Operations team..

The Fire Station will consist of eight bays for fire vehicle parking and additional bays for maintenance/washing; staff facilities, including canteen, gym, prayer rooms, dining area, lecture hall, toilets, showers; the fire chief’s office; duty officers’ rooms; conference room; storage for maintenance and foam; and control towers.

The Airside Operations space will consist of management offices; airside duty team room; control room; Technical Training Department; and common facilities including toilets, showers, prayer rooms, lockers, kitchen and pantry.