Emirates Line Maintenance Facility

This is a mixed-use facility located at the east side of Dubai International Airport with a footprint of around 3,800 square meters and built-up area of approximately 11,400 square meters. The building consists of three main zones; Emirates line stores, Emirates line offices and GSE workshop.

The EK line stores area is designed to store various items and is divided into heavy racks, light racks (equipment storage) and tire storage. The EK line offices are designed to hold administration spaces including control room, meeting rooms, offices and data entry room in addition to staff facilities (lockers, toilets, prayer rooms and tool storage). The GSE workshop has a group of supporting facilities (nitrogen plan, spare parts storage and supporting offices).There are underground parking areas in the basement and lower ground levels designed for small vehicles, and a loading and staging yard for the main storage and GSE workshop, in addition to a back yard for nitrogen equipment and a GSE staging area.