Concourse A

  • 18x A380 contact gates
  • Total built-up area of 528,000 square meters
  • 645 meters long, 90 meters wide footprint

Concourse A, with a total built-up area of 528,000 square meters, is designed to accommodate 20 contact gates (of which 18 are for A380 aircraft stands) and six gates for remote stands. With a building shell similar to that of Concourse B, Concourse A has a footprint that is 645 meters long and 90 meters wide.

Concourse A is an extension of Concourses B and C. It is a fully airside structure connected to the two major public levels of Concourse B and Terminal 3 via an automated people mover (APM), in addition to the vehicular and BHS utility tunnels. It is a partially underground structure comprising APM stations (both arriving and departing) and extends above ground under a metal shell. Similar to Concourse B, the lower and upper levels of Concourse A are connected by means of a special vertical transportation system (sky trains) that acts as a focal point in a central atrium. The first and business class levels are located on different levels below the hotel level. It also includes a Health Club and a Business Centre.