Concourse D

Concourse D is a new milestone added to Dubai International Airport’s history of success and continuous expansion. The brand new state of the art, Leed certified, passenger facility that was recently completed as a fully dedicated facility for the operation of All Other Airlines at Dubai International Airport will act as new booster to its capacity and its Level of Service.

The increase of the Emirates Airlines fleet was met with the flexibility allowed for in the existing Dubai International Airport facilities. The connectivity between Concourses A, B and C permitted the adoption of a strategic decision to allocate additional stands (contact gates) for servicing Emirates Airlines airplanes at Concourse C. However additional aircraft stands around the airport for international airlines operation at Dubai International Airport had to be provided.

Therefore, the development of a new Concourse (Concourse D) has been identified in order to :

  • Accommodate new contact stands at the airport and  increase the Level of Service for passengers using  other airlines.
  • Accommodate space for retail/duty free and lounges  for aircraft contact and remote gates further located  at the west side.
  • Provide proper connectivity for passengers between  Terminal 1 and the new stands.

The new Concourse D will have a planned capacity of 18 Million passengers per annum.