Al Majlis at Terminal 3

  • 1,190 square meters of lounges at the departure level
  • Check-in area with baggage counters and back-of-house spaces
  • Airside-landside link to accomodate immigration and customs
  • Roadworks, landscaping and jet blast protection

The area occupied by the current Majlis facility at Dubai International will be developed into remote aircraft stands and related facilities as part of the Strategic Plan 2020, with the existing Majlis relocating to a larger facility integrated within the Aviation District at Dubai World Central. Hence, a new Majlis facility has been constructed at Terminal 3 to accommodate those operations. The project consists of partial demolition/modifications at the existing departure level (landside) area of Terminal 3; refurbishing space, complete with interior design, at the departure level (approximately 1,190 square meters) to house the lounges; check-in area complete with baggage counters, screening and back-of-house spaces; a new light structure at the apron level to serve as a link between airside and landside and to accommodate the immigration and customs requirements (approximately 528 square meters); roadworks; curbs for traffic movement at the apron level; and landscape work and jet blast protection for the Majlis facility at the apron level due to the aircraft stands’ upgrade to Codes E and F.