Dubai Airshow

The current Airshow facility at Dubai International will be developed into remote aircraft stands and related facilities as part of the Strategic Plan 2020. Hence, the Airshow is being relocated to Dubai World Central Aviation City and integrated within a larger facility that would accommodate the Airshow 2013 event and those that follow. In addition to the above, the existing Majlis facility, VIP Pavilion and mosque are also being relocated to Dubai World Central Aviation District and integrated within the Airshow facility.

The design and construction of the relocated Airshow facility entails adopting material and equipment salvaged from the existing facilities. The work will be executed in stages that are designed to accommodate growth over the years. Elements to be constructed are exhibition halls and service/reception buildings, Royal Pavilion, temporary control and monitoring tower, 85 chalets and pavilions, open-air walkways and catering facilities, DAEP offices, CUC facilities, a mosque, parking areas, and public recreation areas.