Control Tower

  • 92 metres high, 70-metre concrete shaft
  • Golden LED back-lit glass panels, convert the tower into a giant signal

The new Air Traffic Control (ATC) Tower is 92 meters high, with a double-level steel VCR over a 70-meter concrete shaft. The shaft hosts the air circulation equipment and the routing of all the ATC equipment cables. The VCR features an air traffic control room and apron control room. Both rooms are widely glazed with chemically tempered glass in order to provide the best mix of transparency without deformation, as well as to provide an efficient anti-condensation system, which is a must in Dubai’s severe weather conditions.

Designed with simple geometrical shapes based on the Arabic double-square pattern, the characteristic silhouette of the tower is already a landmark in the new airport landscape. The external cladding of the shaft is made of large, honeycombed reinforced aluminum panels, forming a huge petal-shaped wall, between which golden LED back-lit glass panels provide a smooth light at night, converting the tower into a giant signal.