Central Utility Complexes

  • 40x Central Utility Complexes (CUCs) and District Cooling Plants (DCPs)
  • 1,740,000 tonnes of refrigeration

The DWC Central Utility Complexes (CUCs) and District Cooling Plants (DCPs) will be constructed to house the chilled water plants needed to satisfy the cooling requirements of Dubai World Central and development along with the airport cooling requirements. A total of forty CUCs and DCPs totaling 1,740,000 tons of refrigeration will be distributed within the various areas such as the logistic, residential, commercial, golf, humanitarian and exhibition districts and Al Maktoum International. Phase I of DWC development will consist of two CUCs and six DCPs with a total cooling capacity of 299,000 tons of refrigeration. The typical district cooling chilled water generation plant will consist of water-cooled chillers, rooftop-mounted cooling towers, district cooling chilled water pumps and associated piping and ancillaries and electrical substations.