Al Maktoum International Airport “Central terminal area Phase 1”


The world’s largest passenger and cargo hub, a new record in Aviation history, adding one more outstanding feature in the continuing Dubai legacy is the new Al Maktoum International airport.

Covering a land area of nearly 65 square km, an enormous size for an airport by any standard, lays within the 140 square km of the Dubai World Central site. The airport is of an unprecedented scale, capable of handling in excess 220 million passengers and over 12 million tons of cargo per year on its completion. Al Maktoum International airport is estimated to be around ten times the size of the present Dubai International airport.

Al Maktoum International is a materialization of the continuous success in Dubai’s vision to become the world’s largest aviation hub in passenger and  cargo transfer, capable of handling with its two airports, that will always remain operational, an excess of 300 Million Passengers in the coming 30 years.

Construction of Phase I encompassed site grading, airfields (runway 12/30, aprons and associated taxiways), peripheral roads, fences and gates, fuel farm, remote automatic weather station, air traffic management equipment and systems, voice switch, primary and secondary radar systems, ground movement radar, meteorological system, VHF system, DVOR/DME, instrument landing system, fire simulator, cargo terminal (capacity of 200 tons, expandable to 600,000 tons per annum; built-up area 41,129 square meters), employee and free zone gates, a 92-meter air traffic control tower, passenger terminal building structural package, fuel staging area, fire stations, police facilities, finishes and MEP package.

  • 200,000 – 600,000 tonnes cargo capacity
  • 41,129 square meter built-up area
  • 92-metre high Air Traffic Control Tower