• 16 Aug
    Biodiversity Conservation at AMIA

    As part of DAEP’s commitment to achieving “Beyond Zero” impacts to health, safety and the environment, an ongoing programme of conservation measures is being undertaken to ensure impacts to biodiversity at AMIA are minimized.

    Following the success of wildlife relocation exercises already achieved, further ecology studies have recently been undertaken.  The studies have identified areas where additional wildlife relocation is needed and also highlighted areas within neighboring Dubai South which have a high biodiversity conservation value.

    We are working with our partners at Dubai Municipality to relocate the wildlife to the Al Marmoum Conservation Reserve and to establish this as a site within the Dubai Protected Area Network.  We are also sharing our experience and best practice with Dubai South so that it is able to protect and conserve important biodiversity in its area.

    DAEP aims not only to have a zero impact on the biodiversity of the area but to positively enhance it by contributing towards biodiversity conservation measures throughout Dubai.