• 07 Feb
    Dubai Airport Police – Benchmarking Visit on the 4th Generation of Dubai Government Excellence Program

    On the 6th of February 2017, DAEP representatives extended their warmest welcome to a delegation from Dubai Police in order to provide them with a brief on DAEP’s practices and initiatives to comply with DGEP 4th Generation model criteria. The delegation was keen to review elements of best practices pertaining to Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Quality and Processes Management as well as Knowledge Management and Suggestions Management.

    The delegation team from Dubai Police were represented by Major Majed Al Bardan Director of Quality Assurance Department, Senior Lieutenant Amnah Al Hamadi Head of Strategic Planning Unit, Lieutenant Ibrahim Ali Head of Corporate Performance Section, Lieutenant Khalifa Falamerzi Head of Reference Comparisons Section and Sergeant Hussien Al Maamari Head of Partnership Section.

    DAEP representatives and the respective Dubai Police delegation jointly expressed their value and appreciation of the benchmarking visit and its associated benefits towards the continuous improvement of the implementation of the 4th Generation of DGEP.

    The Dubai Police delegation thanked DAEP for their hospitality in providing the opportunity for knowledge sharing of successful best practices implemented within DAEP and Dubai Police. The importance of ongoing communication between the two entities in supporting the development of the Aviation Sector in Dubai was mutually expressed with the intention of conducting further future visits.