• 12 Oct
    DAEP’s Recognition as the Globe of Honor and Sword of Honer Winner for 2018


    DAEP is extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded two of the most prestigious awards within the health, safety, and environment industry.

    The Sword of Honor is awarded for outstanding commitment and achievements in health and safety, and the Globe of Honor is awarded for outstanding performance in the environmental field. Both awards are given to a small number of organizations each year by the British Safety Council. Only organizations who achieved top marks in the annual British Safety Council five star health, safety, and environmental audits, which DAEP has now achieved for two consecutive years, are eligible to receive the coveted Sword and Globe of Honor.

    The award recognizes the achievements made by DAEP in protecting and enhancing the health, safety and well being of our staff, contractors, the wider community and the natural environment. This is an outstanding award which everyone at DAEP has contributed to and should be proud of our achievement.